Our Environmental Commitments

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by nature on our beautiful woodland campsite and are committed to protecting our natural environment. So that the campsite can be enjoyed by our campers for many years to come, we are trying to reduce our energy consumption, reduce our consumption of water and reduce our waste.

As an LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) Refuge, we are commited to improve biodiversity on our site. This means that we follow the principles of the LPO Refuge charter and that we protect not only the many birds but also insects and plants on our site.

To contribute to the preservation of our environment, we have implemented the following measures:
• solar outside lighting and the use of energy saving bulbs wherever we can
• the installation of pushbutton taps
• toilet flushes with double flow and waterless urinals
• recycling point
• emails are only printed where necessary and we reuse scrap paper
• Refuge LPO
• sale of locally produced gifts at reception and wine from our local vineyard in the bar

You can help us:

  • Don’t waste water, it’s safe to drink throughout the campsite. Turn off the taps. Do not leave water running unnecessarily.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave your accommodation including the terrace light at night. Don’t leave appliances on standby unnecessarily.
  • Keep doors and windows closed when using a heater and do not use an air conditioning unit in a tent or awning.
  • Sort your rubbish. The recycling area is located at the entrance to the campsite.